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T he idea of a chapter in the Annapolis, Maryland area was the brainchild of Willie Q. McManus. McManus, a 1948 initiate of the North Carolina A&T University Chapter, the Alpa Nu of Kappa Alpha Psi, was a teacher at Bates High School in Annapolis. He realized a need for an alumni chapter in the area since the closest were located in Baltimore and Washington. Brother McManus began to ask other Kappas who taught at Bates High School as well as those who lived in the Annapolis area of their interest in establishing a chapter. In April 1965, he contacted Charles G. Tildon, the Polemarch of the Eastern Province, to get information on establishing a chapter. Brother Tildon informed H. H. Holloway, the Executive Secretary of Kappa Alpha Psi of the desire to form a chapter in Annapolis. After several meetings and the collection of fees, a total of 14 names were placed on a petition and signed on October 13, 1965 requesting the establishment of the Annapolis (MD) Alumni Chapter. Approval was granted by the Grand Board of Directors. The chartering date was Sunday, December 5, 1965 and took place at the Y.M.C.A. on Northwest Street in Annapolis. Among the visiting brothers in attendance were Past Grand Polemarch W. Henry Greene, Past Eastern Province Polemarch W. Thomas Carter, Executive Secretary H. H. Holloway.

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