Frequently Asked Questions

1Who may apply for a Kappa Alpha Psi scholarship?
African American males that are high school seniors in Anne Arundel County, Maryland
2What is the amount of the scholarship?
The amount of the Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship vary but they are a minimum of $1000
3How may applications be obtained?
Visit the Annapolis(MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa ALpha Psi Fraternity’s website at or any chapter member for an application.
4What is the deadline for scholarship applications?
For the deadline of the application, refer to the application as though deadlines vary each year.
5What supporting documents are required with the application?
Additional documents for the application include transcripts high school transcripts and 2 letters of recommendation. One letter of recommendation being from one of your school teachers.
6Can my transcripts and recommendations be sent directly to the Foundation?
No. Please send all transcripts and recommendations to the scholarship chairperson, Brother Larry B. Johnson, at
7How long should my personal essay be?
The essay that accompanies the application should be approximately 300 words outline your aspirations and career goals.
8What criteria are used for selection?
You must have a minimum of a 2.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale, a combined SAT score, financial need along with a completed application that includes your essay, recommendations or references, and high school transcript.
9Can I apply for an undergraduate scholarship if I do not know the school I am going to attend?
Yes you can apply for the scholarship if you do not know what school you plan to attend, however; in order to receive the funds the applicant must be accepted into a college or university.
10When will I be notified if I received a scholarship?
Usually, scholarship recipients are notified prior to “Senior Awards Day” so that they are recognized among their peers.
11When will the scholarships be awarded?
Refer to the details in the scholarship application
12What is the GPA requirement for applicants applying for the scholarship?
The minimum GPA requirement for the scholarship is a 2.8 grade point average on the 4.0 scale.