The Annapolis (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., has a zero tolerance policy for hazing. It is our duty to stress the importance of this issue and to ensure that all members and non-member(s) affiliated with the Annapolis Alumni Chapter comply with the Fraternity’s anti hazing policy. Any member or non-member affiliated with Annapolis Alumni that does not adhere to this policy that is specifically outlined in the Fraternity’s Code of Conduct may suffer severe consequences by the Fraternity as well as state or local law enforcement.

Moreover, it is the goal of the Fraternity to see that all individuals committing acts of hazing and other unlawful and Prohibited Acts are punished consistent with due process and the concept of proportionality to the full extent of the rules of the fraternity, college and the criminal law. The Fraternity does not countenance either acts of physical aggression by members or the willing submission to the same by prospective members or Candidates for membership. Prospective members, Candidates and other members of the public are themselves uniquely situated to reject, report and decline to participate in any pledging or hazing activity.
Men interested in joining the Annapolis (MD) Alumni Chapter shall not shall not be subject to hazing, engage in hazing, or condone hazing. Failure to report acts of hazing of any kind not only undermine the goals and objectives of the Fraternity but jeopardizes the entire intake process.

The code of conduct may be obtained from our appointed chapter advisor. The Annapolis Alumni Chapter also does not recognize or support the use of auxiliary groups such as sweethearts, diamonds, kittens, etc.

To report a hazing incident, please contact the following: – The university’s Office of Greek Life/Office of Student Activities – Local authorities/campus police – International Headquarters – 215.228.7184 Executive Orders I, II, and III are on file with International Headquarters and also can be obtained by the appointed local chapter advisor.